About Live Like Ace !

Sean O’Connor, AKA “Ace”, touched the lives of others in many cities, in many states, and in many circles. His positive, encouraging energy filled the room when he walked in. From conference stages to living room couches and beachside firepits, Ace pushed people to be their best by showing them how much he genuinely cared about them and their future. Not only did Ace whole-heartedly believe that through community we really could change lives, help people, and make a difference in our world, but he built a life, multiple companies, and communities of people to turn his convictions in to reality.

Being raised by a tenacious single mom, Sean had a soft spot for helping families in need… especially single moms. While his mother based their home on the importance of family relationships through vacations and lots of regular “family time”, Sean saw how she worked and it moved him. One of his dreams was to retire his mom. A dream he was never to realize….and his sister Kelly Belle’ hopes to carry on.

Ace also had a special place in his heart for wounded veterans. He was always grateful for the sacrifice of our all our veterans and deeply touched by those who were wounded in service or who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Many Wounded Warriors were encouraged by knowing Ace, hearing his encouraging and empowering message to live their best life regardless of circumstance, and even competing in Ace’s Superhero Scramble.

Entrepreneurs were another group of people that Ace cherished. Learning about and following the Rich Dad, Poor Dad philosophy from a young age, Ace believed in being his own boss and encouraged other entrepreneurs to not give up and turn their dreams into their reality. The mantra, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” was often heard coming out of his mouth.

Ace was also a lover of sport. Especially extreme sports and adventure. While he played soccer (where he was known as “The Bulldog”), he leaned more towards adrenaline pumping activities. Surfing, kiting, mountain biking, ice climbing, motorcycle racing, obstacle racing, SUP, paddleboarding.

Sean’s childhood friends and family may have been surprised to see him grow into such a passionate and purposeful man considering that he was a shy child. However, he learned at a young age that we cannot count on “tomorrow” when his Poppa passed away from cancer. Poppa’s two biggest dreams in life were to give Gram the red Corvette he had promised her and to take her to Hawaii. Both of those dreams died with him. Sean vowed to live today like it was his last and to make each day count. He encouraged others to, “Do it today!”.

He was Always smiling and had the best belly laugh, Yeeew and best hugs… I can still feel his last embrace on our last family night…he drove me home and hugged me like he knew I needed it ….or it would be his last?? Will never know.

Even from a young age, Ace embodied the entrepreneur vision. Like many children, when he was ten he attended his first sleep-away camp. Unlike most children, he bought hair clippers to take with him so he could charge the other campers $10 to cut their hair!

In high school he sold trips to Cancun so he could go for free…When he was ten, always thinking of “how” ! Further, Sean sold nightclub promotion to make money, but also business. Sean loved the ladies and the ladies loved him….Nickname Ace Pimp…He has a license plate to say so 🙂

Sean’s business Team, Dynasty Rockstars became family nicknamed “The Mayor” and everywhere he went, he was known. He treated his team mates to adventures and excursions for their accomplishments…Limo night out, Catamaran cruise, sky diving, snorkeling and free diving…Boat cruise and more….always planning, enjoying and rewarding.

Sean was honored to be called to be one of a dozen founding leaders in Nussentials…where he went on to carry the business in its beginning years….to be named Leader of Leaders and win a Lexus for his team building…inspiring and serving others. Mom was awarded the most serving attitude award.

Sean and Caro, his mermaid and goddess…decided to sell everything and go on a life adventure. They were the Road Warrior Life…and had a YouTube channel sharing with everyone their amazing life lessons and adventures….. From ice, snow, rain, bridges, trees lightning strikes and more. Their last adventure was the viewing of the solar eclipse ..from light to dark to light…in Hayesville NC Where Sean’s life was tragically taken and Caro’s life drastically changed along with so many others that loved him.

Together Ace and his mom, Terry/ “TKO” built a premier mother-son real estate team in South Florida that continues to this day. Real estate is how Terry raised Sean and Kelly as a single Mom. Sean knew her dedication and tenacity and they became partners…changing lives, making a difference and dedicated to making dreams a reality while serving their clients with the most professional real estate service with a personal touch and integrity. Sean was so liked by the clients with his calming, zen – way and knowledge of the market…Always got comments on how respectful and caring he was. The real estate business allowed Sean and Terry to continue their valued family time together while they built their dream and served others.

Terry now keeps the dream alive on her own.

Fulfilling a dream of helping get “couch potatoes off of the couch”, Ace created Superhero Scramble obstacle racing competitions. Through Superhero Scramble, Ace partnered with Dr. Sass to develop Superhero Crunch Bar, the “Obstacle Racers Protein”. Build it and they will come…and oh they did! At Superhero Scramble, you would witness all types in all costumes, the marines, the first responders, the triathletes, and the couch potatoes and kids…all taking on the Superhero Scramble challenge…mud, slime, ice, fire…

Then, Ace created from dream to reality, paddleboarder.com with his own line of mermaid wear, floating sunglasses, backpacks, water tight bags, t-shirts, hats and rash guards and more.

Ace’s life philosophy was to play hard or go home. If he was going to do it, he was going to do it all the way. “Can’t”, “mediocre”, “good enough”, and “average” were not in Ace’s vocabulary. He worked exhaustively, he played extremely, he cared completely, and he lived outstandingly. Unfortunately, his intense and impactful life was cut way too short. In the midst of living a full, purposeful life of helping other people become the best versions of themselves, the unimaginable happened on August 22, 2017. Sean Ace O’Connor and his girlfriend Caro Cruz (The Road Warriors) were in Hayesville, North Carolina to view the solar eclipse. While on his Vespa heading back to the farm, a van from Connecticut (where he was born) ran the dynamic duo down. A dear angel, Rhonda gave him CPR and held him as he passed from this world to the next; leaving behind his loving family and a plethora of loyal friends and followers.

Caro passed away on the scene, but was revived and air-lifted to a Tennessee hospital where she spent nearly a month recovering physically.

Ace’s life cut short. Numbing disbelief, heartbreak, unimaginable pain, and despair traveled in waves across the country as so many lives that he touched were instantly changed because of this senseless accident.

We are most grateful for our time with our Ace. We are grateful for the memories, the lives changed, and the dreams that we will keep moving forward in his honor….Live Like Ace!

As Ace’s proud Mom, I miss him each and every day and sometimes still can’t believe he’s gone. I am grateful for everyone who has come to our aid as we have grieved this life taken too soon. While August 22, 2017 was and remains my worst nightmare,

I am who I am today because of My Ace! I an blessed to hear all the stories from near and far of how my Ace touched so many other lives. Big Love. Big Man. Big Loss.

I am who I am today ….is what I hear from people near and far telling Me ..sharing with me, how Sean has changed their lives ….Push, push! Live today with passion and purpose because tomorrow is promised to no one… he’d say inspiring others to be their personal best and keep on keeping on