Together…we can assist and change lives and make a difference.

Entrepreneurs to realize their dreams to reality.


Together…we can assist and bless those Sean was passionate about

Families in need….especially single Moms, entrepreneurs to realize their dreams to reality, wounded warriors and sports teams and individuals.

Live Like Ace!

“Assisting Blessing, Encouraging and facilitating”

Families in need especially single Moms

Families in need… Sean was grateful for his family. Sean knew how hard his Mom worked to give him the best life. It was his dream to retire his Mom…. We were all about family ….family nights, vacations and cherishing our times together.

Sean believed in being his own boss (Rich Dad Poor Dad philosophy) and encouraged others to do the same.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Sean nicknamed “Bulldog” believed with a bullet proof mindset if you can dream it; you can achieve it. He was raised by his tenacious Mom that – “can’t “ is not in his vocabulary.

From a shy child to being awarded Leader of Leaders, Sean forged ahead daily with Passion and Purpose. Inspiring others to live today…with passion and purpose, because tomorrow is promised to no one…He learned by losing his Poppa to cancer without realizing his dreams to give his Gram her promised and desired red corvette and a Hawaiian vacation.

Sean learned

”one” day and “some” day are not! Live today! Do it today! Like it is your last and make each day count and be your best…Live Like Ace!

He was a dreamer and a visionary… Always the entrepreneur …from his first time at sleep away camp around age 10 where he bought hair clippers to make $10 haircuts… to selling trips to Cancun in high school so he could attend…to nightclub promotion… a leader of Dynasty Rockstars in Excel, Nussentials and winning a Lexus for inspiring others to duplicate what he taught and trained them to do…Be a leader…Lead, follow or get the ** out of my way he would say. To my real estate partner…TKO Ace….Your premier Mother-son real estate team…dedicated to making dreams a reality while serving others with the most professional service with a personal touch.

Live like Ace!

“Dream, believe, achieve”

Make it happen! If it’s to be …it’s up to Me!!!

so, all dreamers entrepreneurs we would like to assist in making their dreams and a reality.

Changing lives and making a difference.

Live Like Ace

Wounded warriors Sean was grateful for our US of A and was touched and grateful to all that served. He was deeply touched by those that were wounded or paid the ultimate sacrifice. He encouraged and inspired wounded warriors to try to live their best life even though handicapped; some even competing in his Superhero Scramble obstacle race.

Sports enthusiasts. Individuals and teams and coaches

Sean loved all sports from soccer ( where he was known as The Bulldog) to surfing to kiting, to mountain biking, extreme adventure and experiences, ice climbing, motorcycle racing, obstacle racing, and SUP paddle boarding…. He created from dream to reality … and Superhero Scramble…getting the couch potato off the couch and active through his Superhero Scramble obstacle races and competitions. Through Superhero Scramble, he further partnered with Dr. Sass to develop Superhero Crunch Bar..THE obstacle racers protein.

So Live Like Ace would like to honor and assist sports individuals, teams and coaching.

We, with your help will assist others to realize their dreams to reality with your generous donations

We are a 501c(3) charitable foundation assisting those Ace was so passionate about. Together with the help of the community, we raise funds make dreams a reality.

On August 22, 2017 the unimaginable happened!

Sean Ace O’Connor and Caro Cruz, The Road Warriors (Youtube) were in Hayesville NC to view the solar eclipse.

Tragedy rocked our world as the unimaginable news came in that our Ace was gone. Sean was killed in an awful traffic accident in Hayesville NC while on his Vespa heading back to the farm, a van from CT (of all places where he was born)…ran Sean and Caro down. A dear angel, Rhonda gave him CPR and held him as he left us.

My Ace had left his body and this physical world. Leaving us behind.

His life cut short. We were a family and friends all to be changed for life trying to Live Like Ace! In his honor and legacy without him.

Dear Caro coded but was brought back to life and air lifted to Tennessee hospital where she spent nearly a month trying to recover physically.

Numbing disbelief, heartbreak, unimaginable pain, and despair filled our every moment…our every breath. So many lives changed with this senseless accident.

We are most grateful for our time with our Ace….and grateful for the memories … our minds, on voicemails, on Facebook memories and so grateful for all his Youtube videos…from Sean Ace O’Connor to Nussentials…Dynasty Rockstars, TKO Ace Real Estate, Superhero Scramble to to Road Warrior Life…..We miss him each and every day. Big Love Big Man Big Loss and are so honored when people will share with us….I am who I am today because of Ace…Push, Push he would say and and inspire others to be their personal best and go for it. You can make money or you can make excuses he’d say but you can’t do both! He was truly a special soul.

Live like Ace will carry on his legacy with love and support from people like you! In order to bless and help others.

It was and remains our worst nightmare.

Now, through Live Like Ace! we will humbly offer our services to others in trying to change lives and make a difference through assisting others that Sean Ace was so passionate about.

We offer angel blessings of financial assistance and grants to those in need.

How to help

We need all the help we can, no donation is too small. Help us assist carrying on Sean’s passions, visions and legacy in making dreams a reality…changing lives and making a difference one case at a time